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1. The power bank has two settings: Charging and Dispersing. When the RED light is on and the power bank is plugged into the socket, it is charging. The RED light will turn off when it is fully charged. Unplug device when it is fully charged, do not leave the power bank plugged in for more than 24 hours.   When the power bank is not plugged into the socket, the RED light should not be on.

When the BLUE light is on and is plugged into your device, it is dispersing. If the power bank is either plugged into the socket or not plugged into anything at all, the BLUE light should not be on. The power bank should only show a BLUE light when plugged into a device that requires a charge.

If both RED and BLUE lights turn on when plugged in, this means the power switch is engaged while charging. This will prevent your power bank from charging. To turn off, simply press the power button once. This will deactivate the power switch, and allow the power bank to charge fully.

2. The Evolution Power Bank requires a 5v power supply to charge the device efficiently. Some chargers and / or socket adapters for devices such as the iPad (10v), have higher input/output voltage draws. This means that these are pulling in too much electricity which can damage the internal components. We recommend using the Micro USB cable provided in the packaging, and using an iPhone USB or confirmed 5v socket adapter to ensure that the power bank is not damaged internally. Using a computer or laptop to charge the power bank may take much longer then charging through a wall socket. These devices are not designed to regulate voltage draws and may be improperly charging your power bank. If you are using a computer or other device to charge your power bank, the device must remain for the entire time ( not asleep or off).  A wall socket is the best way to efficiently charge the power bank.

All Images and content Copyright (c) 2013 EVOLUTION ELECTRONICS TM

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