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Tips & Tricks: EVOLUTION Sound

My Evo Sound won't play in MP3 mode.

To play your downloaded music on your Evo Sound, you will need a micro SD card.

Download your music from your computer onto the SD card in MP3 format.

Insert the SD card with the metal prongs up in the SD port on the side of your Evo Sound.

Make sure the card gets all the way into the metal casing inside the port. ( It will click and stay in the port when it is fully inside. ) Turn your Evo Sound on to MP3 player mode.

How do I change the volume on my Evo Sound ?

To change the volume you must push and hold the volume up or down buttons.

My Bluetooth will not connect to my Evo Sound.

To connect to your Bluetooth device, turn on your Evo Sound.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.

If your phone does not automatically search for devices, there will be a button to search for Bluetooth devices, press it.

You should now see Evo Sound under your Bluetooth devices on your phone.

When you connect the speaker to your phone, the speaker will alert you to let you know it is connected.

If you cannot find Evo Sound under your Bluetooth devices or the speaker wont connect to your phone, turn the Bluetooth off and then back on again on your phone. Also turn your speaker off and on again.

My phone's volume control is not working in Bluetooth mode.

Because all phone manufacturers have different Bluetooth, some brands of phones act differently with some Bluetooth devices.

If your volume is not reacting to your phone's control, try disconnecting and unpairing the speaker. Before you connect, turn the Bluetooth volume on your phone all the way down, and then try to reconnect.

My FM Radio mode can't pick up a station.

The included inline cable also doubles as an antenna. Plug in one end into the sound and it will try to pick up FM for you.

NOTE: The radio in the Evo sound is not as powerful as the one in your car. if you can't find a station, the reception may not be strong enough in your area.