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Tips & Tricks: Power Banks
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My Evolution Power/Power Plus is not fully charging my device.

Try this experiment. Fully charge your Evo Power/Power Plus with a USB 5v wall charger ( 4-5 hours ), then take note of how much battery life is in your phone. Then turn your phone off completely, plug in your Evo Power/Power Plus and charge your phone for 2 hours, then turn your phone back on and see your battery level. The reason for this, when your Evo Power is charging your phone with your device on, it is powering the apps, bluetooth, WiFi, then powering the phone itself, then last charging the battery. So always turn off your apps, bluetooth and wifi and this will help in charging your battery and try not to use the phone while charging. Then you should see a major difference.

How do I turn my device on?

The newest version of the Power Plus has no power button! It automatically charges a device that it is plugged into. If your device does not automatically start charging, press the white button on the front end.

The previous version on the Power Plus has a sliding switch on the front side to turn on the device.

How do I charge my Power Plus?

Your Power Plus comes with a micro USB cable. The micro end is the small end and the larger end is a standard USB plug. Plug the micro end into your Power Plus and the standard end into a USB wall socket adapter, or your computer.

How do I connect my phone to my Power Plus?

Plug the standard USB end into your Power Plus, and the micro USB end into your phone.

My Power Plus isn't charging or charge my phone.

If your Power Plus isn't charging while connected, try another micro USB cable. ( they are very common. ) If that cable does not work, contact our customer support. support@evolutiontablet.com

Can I connect an iPhone to my Power Plus?

If you have an iPhone, use your i4 or i5 cable to connect the Power Plus to your iPhone.

                                                          Power Bank ( Original )

I can't get my Power Bank to turn on or off.

If, when you press the silver button on your Power Bank, Either your Power Bank does not turn on or off, contact our

customer support. support@evolutiontablet.com

My Power Bank won't charge.

If a light does not come on when your Power Bank is plugged in, try another micro USB cable.(they are very common.) If that cable does not work, contact our customer support. support@evolutiontablet.com